The Power In Affirmation by 
Dr. Berry Pierre
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With the tremendous success of my last E-Book 
Affirmation 2016 
I set out to see what new obstacles I could tackle in the world of being a physician entrepreneur.
Sneak Peak....
"Being the neighborhood physician was always my dream growing up and I always wanted to be in the position where people would come to me for advice on all of their medical and health needs. Little did I know that my love for computers & technology growing up would play such a huge role in the type of advice people come to me for now."
" If nothing else I want to show other physicians, that writing a book is something that not just something we should be doing but something we must to do because I don't know a single physician who doesn't have an interesting story of how they got to where they are."
"My goal is to become the physician who will help empower you to become a better you. With this book I hope to continue the great trend of motivating you all to be the very best & healthiest you that is possible."
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