How to have a Successful ERAS Season to get the residency spot you deserve without having the "PERFECT" application.
From an Experienced Program Director and Director of Medical Education
By Dr. Berry Pierre
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As an Internal Medicine Program Director with years of experience reviewing applications, conducting residency interviews  I have seen what can go right when applicants are prepared for ERAS season and what can go wrong when they are not prepared.
By the Numbers....
  • Over 6+ years of Graduate Medical Education Experience
  • Over 1200 Personal Statements Reviewed
  • Conducted over 500 Interviews
  • ​Over 3000 Letters of Recommendations Reviewed
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Focus On The Right Part Of The Application
Which part is the most important part of your ERAS application? Here we will discuss what causes some of the biggest delays during the process.
What's A Good Letter Of Recommendation 
Are the letters of recommendations that you are upload actually hurting you? You would be surprised some of the LOR's I have read over the years.
What Are The Best Interview Secrets 
Doing well on Interview Day can make or break you. Let me help you avoid the common mistakes I see year after year. 
How do you get your application to stand out?
47,012 - The Number of Applications Submitted Last Year with An Average of 92 Applications per Applicant.
Application pulling you in many different directions?
Delay in completing your application can put you behind the 8-ball before you even start. Don't let it happen to you!!
What is the worst thing about Interview Day?
You would be surprised how many applicants tank their chances on interview day. Don't let it be you. Especially now since many programs across the country are going virtual.
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