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Affirmation 2016
About the Book
Affirmation 2016 is a product of the massive support I have received from friends, family & colleagues. Many of you have been around since I just a kid who wanted to become a doctor, others began to follow along on my personal blog but whatever the case you have seen my ups and downs. With the New Year approaching I wanted to reflect on just what is next for the upcoming year in my world. I will walk you through my goals and aspirations for 2017 and just how I plan to get there.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Dr. Berry Pierre
Dr. Berry is an Internist, Founder of DrPierresblog.com, Author and Speaker. He looks to make health care & personal well being a priority again in the community. He also helps physicians and other professionals increase their visible presence through blogging and other social media channels. He has been featured in Essence, Medical Economics, KevinMD, and Fox News. 
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